Addis Chamber Marks End of Year Thanks Giving Day Colorfully

Addis Chamber, one of the most influential BMOs marks its End of Year thanks giving date colorfully at the Sky Light Hotel, Addis Ababa. Among the attendees include diplomatic communities, government representatives, members of business communities and the press.

 Among the recent reform initiatives taken by the Chamber include encouraging the private sector to actively participate in the national economy.

In fact, Addis Chamber, with support from its valued members, has registered commendable achievements in voicing the concerns of businesses and providing business development services to the wider private sector.

During the day, senior leadership of Addis Chamber and invited guests forwarded keynote address regarding the journey of Addis Chamber. Accordingly Mesenbet Shenute , President of Addis Chamber in her remark said that “The chamber stood with strong position on the issues that are at the heart of business concerns during this period. At this time we succeeded in providing new range of services including numerous virtual conferences to help companies to grow their business”

Since its inception the chamber has witnessed various regimes and experiences and this gives us the opportunity to remember, thank our past chamber leaders and its members for continued success, further said the president.

“After all the chamber wouldn’t be where it is today without the support of our members, partners and business communities” , said the president further adding that “Our chamber is now become the member of world chamber federation and has also prominent place in the international chambers. We have recently decided to carry out various reform programs that aim to improve service delivery, modern human resource, institutional building and implementing its five year strategic plan”    

In his address to the audience, Shibeshi Bettemarim, Secretary General of Addis Chamber said “Thanks giving for the time for us to come together in appreciation of the blessings in our lives for the journey we traversed together, for the mistakes we made, for the success we achieved together and for the endurance we exhibited as one business communities. It is a moment to express our gratitude for the many support and opportunities we have received from you, our business members,   partners and stakeholders throughout the year”.

He also highlighted that Addis Chamber has managed to create and provide various platforms for businesses to connect and network. Addis Chamber also managed to educate and build the capacity of businesses and their leaders though various training programs. We also managed to resolve contractual business disputes amongst businesses amicable.

As the core of thanks giving is the act of giving back but we have nothing except our services. As dedicated servants, I wish to renew our commitments and responsibility to continue serving you and your businesses which responsibility we shall think to the highest level of servant leadership in the new Ethiopian fiscal Year, pledges the Secretary General.

“These thanks giving lets also express our joint gratitude to the many public servants and community leaders who help create an environment conducive to our business to their growth and development and their support to small businesses in our cities and our country” passes his gratitude and we have so much to be thankful for our chamber serves as a vital backbone for the business communities, contributing its genuine share and fostering economic growth and prosperity in our city and beyond” extends his gratitude. While marking the annual thanks giving day, Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia, Robert Shetkintong and representatives of companies delivered a speech concerning their attachment with Addis Chamber and its role for promoting business and economy.  

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