Robert Shetkintong , Indian Ambassador to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is the first country in Africa to establish diplomatic ties with India. This year the two countries mark the 75th anniversary of diplomatic ties. During all these long decades we have achieved a lot in bolstering the diplomatic ties of the two countries. For instance we have achieved in political diplomacy however our trade and investment ties outweights and I call upon all businesses to tie with Indian businesses and our embassy in Addis Ababa is ready to answer your request regarding trade and investment issues. 

Addis Chamber and its achievement is commendable and the diplomatic ties of Ethiopia and India dates back to many years almost equal to the establishment of Addis Chamber back in 1947. We are happy today to hear that Ethiopia has joined BRICS. While marking the chamber’s annual thanks giving day, the prime ministers of the two nations, India and Ethiopia met to discuss on how to strengthen bilateral trade and diplomatic issues between the two countries. Such meetings of the two prime ministers were dealt with on how to facilitate trade relationships. While marking the thanks giving day India has launched a satellite to moon and become the fourth state in the world to launch.

The India Business Forum was founded in Ethiopia in 2005 and such platforms were ideal to promote FDI in Ethiopia. For instance as a result of the India business forum , more than 100 Indian businesses invested in Ethiopia and most of the Indian busineses are delighted for being investing in Ethiopia.

Addis Chamber has done a commendable work by hosting the India Africa ICT Expo in August 2013 , one of the best events held in Addis Ababa.

Currently more than 300 Indian companies are operating in Ethiopia sharing their contribution for the socio economic development of Ethiopia at the same time. Cumulatively such investments worth about 5 billion USD. While talking about employment opportunity Indian businesses have created more than 75,000 jobs for local citizens and for instance a single textile industry at Bole Lemi Industrial park hired about 9000 jobs. In the academic sector the role of India in Ethiopia is immense due to the fact that Indian professors are teaching at various higher learning institutes in Ethiopia support education.

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