The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) has established by the General Notice Number 90/ 1947  as an autonomous, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization to act on behalf of its members. Proclamation No.341/2003 re-established chamber of commerce and sectoral associations in line with the free market economic policy of the country and to play a significant role in the promotion of trade, industry and investment. AACCSA has the mandate to promote trade and investment through organizing international trade fairs, organizing B2B meetings and trade missions.  In order to achieve this mission, AACCSA organize three international trade fairs and various B2B meetings & Trade missions. Among these; 26th Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (26th ACITF) is the biggest and the oldest trade fair.

26th Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (26th ACITF) is the Country’s pioneer International Business-to-Business trade fair whose main focus is on Industrial, Agricultural and Services Sectors. Its beginning dates as far back as April 1995, the time the first Addis Chamber International Trade Fair under the Motto: “Development through Partnership” was held. Since that time on, the Chamber has organized 25 International Trade Fairs colorfully with the involvement and participation of a number of public and private stakeholders.

14th Addis Chamber International Agriculture and Food (14th AGREFIX) and 6th International Manufacturing and Technology Trade fair (6th MATEX) are the two main international trade fairs AACCSA conduct.

The main objectives of the trade fairs are:-

• To introduce Ethiopian business enterprises and their products/services to the general public and the international business community;

• To bring together technology suppliers and seekers and facilitate the transfer of technology,

• To serve as a platform for exploring the possibilities of joint venture investments in Ethiopia; and to create a forum where local and international business communities could come together and reach business agreements;

• To facilitate exchange of experiences and information among the business community worldwide;

• To provide forum for buyer-seller meetings to exploit immediate trading opportunities and;

• To promote investment potential of the country.

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