2nd Addis Chamber International Medical Trade Fair(May 12-16, 2022)


• Attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Medical sector.

• To facilitate exchange of experiences and information among the Medical business community.

• To setup business to business relationship between international and local medical companies.

• To link together Medical Technology, Pharmaceutical Industry and


Pharmaceutical related field’s suppliers and seekers.

• To establish a forum for business development and business


Opportunities between International and local Medical companies.

• To create for buyer-seller meetings to enhance immediate trading opportunities.

• To advertise Medical investment potential of the country.


Ethiopia – an Oasis of Investment opportunity

• Fast growing economy

• High infrastructural development

• Growing per capital income

• Extensive FDI flow

• Wide area of irrigable land

• Abundant power production

• Growing local & Sub-regional market

• Conducive business environment

• Etc….


Allocation of Stands

Stands will be allocated on First-come-first-served basis


In-door space: - A single stand has an area of 3x3=9 sq.m which is the

minimum allocable space. Additional space can be allocated in multiple

of 3 (12, 15, 18…) sq. Meters.


Out-door space: - There is no minimum area set for out-door space

allocation. It will be handled in accordance with a common agreement to

be concluded between the participants and the Organizer in a manner

that will maximize best utilization of space.



The payment essentially includes Registration Fee and Space Rent


Application Procedure

  • Fill out the enclosed Application Form. Check the space you want to reserve, sign, and seal and return the application form with full or 50% advance payment to the Department of Trade and Investment Promotion of Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations.
  • Effect payment in cash or Transfer the payment to the Addis Chamber International Trade Fair, Dashen Bank, Andinet Branch, and Current Account No. 9710019 SWIFT CODE: DASHETAA, and Fax the transfer slip to the Addis Chamber International Trade Fair Department.

 Advertisement and Local Registration Form  Registration Form for Foreign Participants  Sponsor Registration Form


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