With a population size of more than 90 million, Ethiopia is strategically located in the horn of Africa, at crossroads between Africa, the Middle East and Asia. Moreover, the strategic location of the country, which is near to the Middle East and Europe, has offered the country an advantage in international trade. The country offers a stable political and economic environment as well as security; exceptional climate; continuously improving public service delivery which makes it potentially an ideal destination for trade and commerce, and for investment. The macro economic performance in the past seven years has been very positive and the broad-based economic growth is expected to continue under Growth & Transformation Plan (GTP)-II.

Although the incentive packages that are currently given to investors seem to be adequate, the government is planning to give additional incentives for the manufacturing sector, particularly to export oriented and agro processing projects. Priorities will be given to the manufacturing sector in support provision in the areas of licensing, land and finance allocation, training and the like.  The expansion of Universities as well as Technical, Vocational Education and Training (TVET) in all parts of the country provides good opportunity in the supply of skilled and semi-skilled technical personnel. Health service provision and development of infrastructures such as roads, energy and communication are also showing a rapid improvement in the country. The advancement of science and technology in the world and the spread of same in the country will favorably influence the smooth operation of investment projects.

As part of the support provided by the government to the agricultural sector, accesses to productive inputs, such as hybrid seed and fertilizer has been expanded. The government has also established the Ethiopian Commodity Exchange (ECX), which is a commodity marketing institution established for creating and running the Ethiopian commodity market in a transparent, fair and sustainable manner that would benefit all the actors in the value chain and the country at large. All of these make the country an ideal destination for investment and conducive for trade and commerce.


The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce & Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) is established, by the General Notice Number 90/ 1947, in April 1947 as an autonomous, non-governmental, non-political and non-profit organization to act on behalf of its members. 


As per the General Notice Number 90/1947, the major functions of the chamber are: promoting trade and industry, disseminating business information, consulting government and members on economic development and business issues, establishing friendly relationship with similar chambers in other countries, and exchanging information as well as engaging in arbitration in times of disputes among members. The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce changed its name to Ethiopia Chamber of Commerce (ECC) in 1962.


Proclamation Number 148/ 1978, which was issued in 1974 as public law, re-established the Ethiopian Chamber of Commerce and the City Chambers in line with the then centrally planned economic policy. This had wiped out the relative freedom the chamber enjoyed during the imperial period, where membership was mandatory.


Another change of government in 1992 introduced Proclamation Number 341/2003, which provides the legal framework for the establishment of chambers of commerce and sectoral associations that made membership voluntary in line with the new free market economic policy and the federal arrangement. 


The Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations (AACCSA) is the oldest, largest and strongest Chamber in Ethiopia, which represents a wide spectrum of businesses accounting for more than 60% of businesses residing in Addis Ababa. Being a member of the World Chambers Federation, AACCSA also has a prominent place in the international network of chambers.  At present, the chamber is home to more than 15,000 businesses.

Trade Fairs & Exhibitions

The chamber organizes one general-international and three specialized trade fairs and exhibitions, including the ‘‘Addis Chamber International Trade Fair (ACITF)'', Specialized Fairs such as Agricultural and Food Exhibition (AGRIFEX) Ethiopia, Tourism and Travel, and Manufacturing & Technology Trade Fairs and Exhibition (MATEX). It also provides any trade fair related services; prepares trade fair magazine; organizes trade fair missions outside Ethiopia, and disseminates trade fair and exhibition programs in and outside Ethiopia to members and international participants.

In the General international trade fair, ACITF, which is annually organized in the month of February, an average of 300 companies participate out of which 50 % are foreign companies and exhibitors. Participation of foreign companies in these exhibitions is effected through either of one of the following ways: a) individual companies register for participation through their respective Embassies based in Ethiopia or by calling directly the chamber; or b) they can as well register through the Chamber’s overseas Promotion and Exhibition Agencies that are authorized by and on behalf of AACCSA to do so.

For each annual ACITF, a launching ceremony shall be organized in the month of September. Ambassadors, government officials and members of the diplomatic community are invited with the objective that they would convey information on the trade fairs to their respective societies. This event heralds the official start of the exhibitions which includes the beginning of registration and booking. A Motto shall also be coined which shall be printed on all publications (Information Kits, Registration Forms, Sponsorship and Advertisement Forms, Posters, Banners, Trophies, Invitation cards, etc.) In addition, most trade fairs and exhibitions are accompanied by symposiums which are organized to dwell on topical and timely issues of business and commerce. The best stand award event is the other but most pivotal Ceremony during which certain exhibitors are awarded trophies for their good performance in exhibiting their goods and/ or services. Sponsors of a trade fair and other supporting organizations shall also be recognized at such a closing ceremony. With a view to facilitate the smooth running of trade fairs and exhibitions and in order to lessen the burden of exhibitors, cooperative arrangements shall be made between the Chamber and relevant government agencies such as the Ministry of Trade, the Inland Revenue & Customs Authority, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Main Department for Immigration & Nationality Affairs and the Addis Ababa City Administration. It is also worth mentioning that the Chamber’s trade fairs are managed and coordinated by a Department lead by a director and supported by qualified staffs.

Exhibition Center

One of the most popular facilities that is administered by Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations with Addis Ababa City Government is the Addis Ababa Exhibition Center. It is being used for events like trade fairs, exhibitions and other mass events. It is located at the heart of the capital and only 3 kilometers away from Bole International Air Port. The Centre has a total of 26,871 square meter wide compound, out of which built up in-door area available for exhibitors is 3,110 square meters, while 2,835 meter square area is available for out – door exhibitors. The remaining area is used for gymnasiums, restaurant, bar and administration offices, parking area, etc. The in – door space comprises three pavilions. The exhibition center provides free of charge security and janitorial services and chairs and tables. There are a number of bars and cafes near by the exhibition center. The UN ECA Conference Center and most of the Hotels are just about two kilometers away from this center.


Air Transport: Air transport is an important part of Ethiopian transport network. Ethiopian Airlines has gained a very good reputation internationally in the many years of its active service. Its services include both passenger and Cargo transport.  It links the country with quite a good number of cities including Washington D.C., London, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Rome, Stockholm, Beirut, Tel Aviv, Cairo, Jeddah, Sana'a, Bahrain, Dubai, New Delhi, Beijing, Hong Kong, Guangzhou, Bangkok,  Johannesburg, Nairobi, Lagos, Lusaka and many more other big cities.

Shipping Lines: The Ethiopia Shipping and Logistics Services Enterprise provides Import-Export and Coastal Carrier Services on its vessels. Most recently, the company acquired new vessels to enable it upscale its services. It also provides cargo handling, harbor facilities and transiting services. These services are also provided by a number of private companies.

Port and Railway Transport: Addis Ababa Light Train Sub-way has two main lines that link East-West and North-South parts of Addis Ababa. In addition Addis Ababa is also linked by railway and road with the port of Djibouti, an inlet of the Gulf of Aden. The railway stretches over 925km. Barbara, in Somaliland and Port Sudan are an alternative external trade routes that provide services for export and import trades.  Another potential port accessible to Ethiopia is Mombasa in Kenya. There are also two dry Ports, the one 70km away from Addis Ababa and the other about 380km north – east of Addis.

Meeting Services: Assembly Halls and Meeting Rooms: There are two categories of meeting service providers, namely, Government and non-Government Institutions and Private Organizations. The first category, among others, includes:

  • Ethiopian Management Institute
  • Christian Relief and development Association ( CRDA)
  • Ethiopian Red Cross Society
  • Ethiopian Convention Center
  • The United Nations Economic Commission for Africa Conference Center(UN-ECA Conference center)

In the second category of meeting service providers are international star hotels. The hospitality sector in the country is flourishing continuously. 

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