11th Agriculture and Food Exhibition (AGRIFEX- ETHIOPIA) (May 10-14, 2018)


Tomorrow's agriculture for today,
Come and discover the latest innovations in…..
¨       Advanced Equipment and Technologies
¨       Agro Industry Start-Ups
¨       Cost Saving Production
¨       Ecological and Environmental Agro Technologies
¨       Extension Services
¨       Intensive Growing Methods
¨       International Training and Cooperation
¨       Research & Development
¨       Turnkey, Joint Projects and Know-how transfer
Covering the most up-to-date and comprehensive agricultural exhibits in…….
·         Agro Ecology & Organic Agriculture
·         Agricultural Buildings
·          Agricultural Machinery
·         Aquaculture
·         Biotechnology
·         Bio Fuel
·         Fertilizer & Chemicals
·         Field Crops
·         Floriculture
·         Fruits & Citrus
·         Greenhouses & Horticulture
·         Livestock, Dairy Farming & Small Ruminants
·         Plants, Seeds & Propagation Material
·         Plant Protection
·         Post Harvest Treatment
·         Poultry Farming
·         Precise Agriculture
·         R&D
·         Rural Development
·         Veterinary & Feeding System
·         Irrigation & Water Management

Objectives of AGRIFEX Ethiopia

  • To introduce Ethiopian business enterprises and their products/services to the general public and the international business community;
  • To bring together technology suppliers and seekers and facilitate the transfer of  technology in agriculture and food sector;
  • To serve as a platform for exploring the possibilities of joint venture investments in Ethiopia; and to create a forum where local and international business communities could come together and reach business agreements;
  • To facilitate exchange of experiences and information among the business community worldwide;
  • To provide forum for buyer-seller meetings to exploit immediate trading opportunities and;
  • To promote investment potential of the country.

Ethiopia – an Oasis of agricultural opportunity
.  High Production of eggs per hen
. High annual milk yields per cow
. Large areas of greenhouse roses per hectare per season
. Wide area of irrigated land
. Peak citrus yields
. Peak tomato yields
Allocation of Stands
Stand space will be allocated on First-come-first-served basis
In-door space: -       A single stand has an area of 3x3=9 sq.m which is the minimum allocable space.  Additional space can be allocated in multiple of 3 (12, 15, 18…) sq.meters.
Out-door space: -       There is no minimum area set for out-door space allocation. It will be handled in accordance with a common agreement to be concluded between the participants and the Organizer in a manner that will maximize best utilization of space.
The payment essentially includes Registration Fee and Space Rent
Activity Program





Submission of application form and payment

Full or 50% payment upon Registration


Final payment of fees

Until May 9 ,2018


Arrival of Exhibits (the concerned)

A. Djibouti port

May, 2018

B. Addis Ababa Bole Airport

At least two days before the opening of the fair


Stands take-over

May 8 and 9, 2018


Fair open to the general public

May 10, 2018 at 2:00 PM


Clearing of stands

May  15, 2018

Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations:
A.    A non–profit organization founded in 1947 as a Business Membership Organization of the Private Sector.
B.     Represents and serves more than ten thousand of Addis Ababa’s Business Community.
       C.   Links Business Partners both locally and internationally.
D.     A Business Membership Organization, bringing together Exporting industries, economic ventures and projects connecting the Ethiopian Business Community with the global marketplace
We showcase Ethiopia’s Capabilities by offering:
¨      Promotion of joint ventures – technological and industrial
¨      State-of-art the national pavilions at international trade fairs
¨      Incoming and outgoing trade delegations and trade missions
¨      Marketing expertise and links with policy and decision makers
¨      Marketing efforts on sectors where Ethiopia has a comparative advantage
¨      Specialized information on innovations and new products
Visit our website
E-mail: tradefair@addischamber.com/abrahamgid@yahoo.com
“Agro-Processing for Export Oriented Industrialization.”
Invest  in Ethiopia”

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Addis Ababa Chamber of Commerce and Sectoral Associations, Trade and Investment Promotion Department

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